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Ultimate Arcade Newsletter: July 2022
The birds are chirping, people are outside walking, and we’re sitting behind our computers for eight hours straight because... the Ultimate Arcade is getting a massive upgrade! We’re introducing a whole new way to get paid playing video games!
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July 5, 2022
Ultimate Arcade x Y Combinator
It is with great excitement to announce that Ultimate Tournament has been accepted into the Y Combinator summer 2022 session. We are very excited to be a part of the YC community and are very optimistic for what the future holds.
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May 25, 2022
Ultimate Tournament x ScoreSpace Partnership
We're excited to announce our partnership with the competitive arcade experience: ScoreSpace! ScoreSpace is the host of over 18 game jams, in which developers are given 72 hours to build an arcade-style game within the parameters ScoreSpace sets.
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May 4, 2022
Ultimate Arcade Upgrades: Apr. 28th, 2022
With April showers soon bringing May flowers, here at Ultimate Arcade we're gearing up for a month of nonstop fun, competition, and making cash from playing video games (I mean, that's every month, but still). But in the meantime, we've got some pretty cool updates for our community!
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April 28, 2022
Ultimate Tournament

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