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You're Not getting Paid to play

It's just a hobby

You're playing video games every day, but no one believes they can actually make money doing what they love... right?

going pro takes time

You don't have time to play Apex all day, so even if you did join an eSports league, who knows if you could win.

How can we help?

Earn money For playing

With short weekly tournaments and contests, it really doesn't take long to sign up and start earning!

Engage your way

As you compete, you'll gain "XP" that will allow you access to different parts of the community!

be ultimate

Unlock elite status and get access to exclusive tournaments with higher payouts and chances to win!

Don't just take our word for it...

I wasn't sure if it was for real with the payouts at first and figured that worst case scenario it was fake and I got to do some custom games... now the money I make through Ultimate Tournament makes it so I can spend more on myself and on holiday/birthday gifts.

- Dropur#9280

This is the only community which accepted me, my origins, my stupid jokes, my dumb questions and hell yeah i call them friends but I prefer the word family. And a community with regular and handsomely rewarded tournaments was exactly what i had been looking for.

- Purrpel#1263

I first joined Ultimate Tournament when it had around 6k members (something like that). I didn't even know it existed, I just wanted to find a good community which rewards you for gaming... (cuz my mom thought gaming was a waste lol). Found out the reward thing was true after I won the CS:GO wingman tournament.

- God Osiris#8705

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At Ultimate Tournament, we know you love video games, and you want to make money doing it. In order to start making money, you're going to need someone that'll actually pay you for winning your matches... and there aren't a lot of communities out there just giving away their hard-earned cash! We believe eSports is the future of entertainment, and any player big or small has a shot at winning the grand prize. We understand that's much easier said than done, which is why our community offers contests and giveaways on top of our tournaments to allow you to make some extra cash. Here's how it works: Join the Community, find a tournament that suits you and your playing style, and start earning today! It's seriously that easy. So what are you waiting for? Join today so you can stop playing video games for fun, and start playing for a living.

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